All Tesla Cars Will Have A Party & Camper Mode

All Tesla cars will have a party & camper mode, as Elon Musk informed in his Twitter. This is a special mode of the electric powertrain work.

It allows maintaining necessary temperature and air circulation, as well as powering the multimedia system in a parked car for at least 48 hours.

The camper mode is already available in the Tesla Model S (pictured).

Typically, a parked car, in which the mode is not activated, maintains the climate control system for 30 minutes. While activated, heating, ventilation and air circulation in the cabin work as long as someone is in the car.

Unlike the camper mode, the new algorithm of the electrical system will support the work of not only the air conditioning system, but also audio and lighting.

In addition to the new options, Tesla is preparing to update the Model S and Model X’s interiors. According to preliminary information, they will lead to a single, minimalistic style with a horizontally located central display and an innovative ventilation and heating system with a single deflector.

A Special Edition Of The 2018 SEAT Leon ST Cupra Goes On Sale

A special edition of the 2018 SEAT Leon ST Cupra goes on sale. It is about the Carbon Edition pack available in very limited quantity.

It includes some cosmetic and performance upgrades and costs £35,575 in the UK (€39,873) – close to the Volkswagen Golf R wagon which has a similar technical part.

There is a couple of sporty bucket seats in the cabin.The only Monsoon Grey colour is offered for the body.

The Cupra Carbon Edition features carbon-fiber diffusers and ‘side blades’, sporty Brembo brakes, 19” alloy wheels, quad-exit exhaust pipes with the Cupra logo at the rear.

As for the powertrain, it includes  a petrol turbo 2.0-liter 300-hp engine, a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission and a brand’s 4Drive all-wheel-drive system.

Till the end of 2018 the Cupra brand will be separated into a standalone marque, as expected.

Source: Carbuyer

Opel Has Revealed A Secret Over The New Design Of Its Models

Opel has revealed a secret over the new design of its models. The German automaker showed the first teasers of a demonstration prototype, which is designed to show the look of all future models.

The prototype called GT X Experimental should debut this year. It is a symbol of the transition of Opel and its British “daughter” Vauxhall from General Motors under the management of the French PSA Group.

All future Opel and Vauxhall models are assumed to have a similar front end from 2025. Judging by the photos, it reminds a shark’s nose. Although the company itself hints at the similarity with a sports screen helmet. Thus, Opel will try to ginger the sales of its budget cars among the youth audience in Europe.

With hidden outlines and no front grille this prototype is a hatchback bodystyled EV. The first updated car in the Opel lineup should be the Corsa (pictured above) .

As earlier reported, the Opel Corsa will get a fully electric version in 2020. So, it is possible that in the photo and video we see its future evolution.

As for the version of the compact hatchback with a conventional engine, it should arrive in 2019.


TOP 10 European Bestsellers In The 1st Half-Year 2018: The VW Golf Is Without A Rival

According to the TOP 10 European bestsellers in the 1st half-year 2018 the Volkswagen Gold (pictured) is without a rival. 291,520 units (+6.4%) were sold in the European market during the first 6 months of 2018, focus2move informs.

This model leads in Europe for 44 years (!) and is ahead of the nearest pursuer by more than 40 percent.

From January to June 2018 the following European leaders among models with the following sales results were defined:

Position Model January-June 2018, units sold

First 6 month 2018/2017, %

1 Volkswage Golf 291,520 +6
2 Renault Clio 207,114 +3
3 Volkswagen Polo 203,247 -1
4 Ford Fiesta 162,180 -1
5 Volkswage Tiguan 159,529 +9
6 Nissan Qashqai 156,455 +1
7 Skoda Octavia 146,174 +8
8 Peugeot 208 135,736 +2
9 Ford Focus 133,282 -3
10 Citroen C3 123,196 -2

As we can see, VW Group dominates with its 4 models which entered the top rating. Groupe PSA, American Ford and Renault Group each can boast of 2 models in the list. Traditionally domestic brands are in favour in Europe.

The First All-Electric Mercedes-Benz SUV Will Be Presented In September

The first all-electric Mercedes-Benz SUV will be presented in a month. The public premiere will be held on September 4, 2018 at a conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

As for the European debut, it is supposedly held a month later at the Paris Motor Show. The presentation for the American market will be at the auto show in Los Angeles.

At the moment there are no official characteristics of the new EV’s serial version. The concept car got 2 engines with a total output of 408 hp. It is enough to accelerate to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds.

The standard model is claimed to pass at least 500 km on a single charge according to NEDC cycle. It equals about 400 kilometers by EPA cycle. However, in future the company will offer other versions with enhanced batteries.

The new crossover is based on MEA (Modular Electric Architecture), which will also be a platform for future electric models of the brand.

Photo: 2017 Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept

McLaren Will Refresh Its Model Lineup Until 2025

McLaren will refresh its model lineup. As reported by the company’s representatives, until 2025 at least 18 new cars are planned to launch.

Experts evaluate the financial state of the British automaker as stable. The company has been in the lead for 3 years in terms of profitability. But to realize the plans announced, it will take a lot of money.

Such a decision means that McLaren “has several aces in the sleeve”. New cars will certainly be high-tech.

The brand’s design and engineering group is expected to focus on autonomous control systems development.

Another priority for McLaren is the production of composite elements and assemblies. The company is going to construct a new plant for production of composite materials.

McLaren does not intend to find itself in the popular segment of crossovers and off-road vehicles nowadays. It aims at the production of modern sports cars.

Photo: 2019 McLaren Senna

Elon Musk Wants To Build Tesla’s Plant In Europe

Elon Musk declared his readiness to build the first Tesla’s plant in Europe. To date, there is the only Tesla’s assembly plant in Fremont (California). The factory to produce batteries for EVs is located in Reno (Nevada).

Negotiations have been conducted at the first stage. The US company started to negotiate with the governments of Germany and the Netherlands for the construction of the first plant in Europe.

It is about the European Gigafactory to produce batteries and assemble electric vehicles. Tesla’s CEO claims the plant may appear on the border with one of the Benelux countries.

Tesla already has a research center in Prüm (border of Germany with Belgium and Luxembourg).

Earlier the American car maker signed an agreement in Shanghai on the construction of an assembly plant in China with a capacity of 500,000 cars.

Tesla wants to avoid consequences of the US trade war with the PRC and the EU. Production sites outside the USA should help this purpose.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Photo: 2018 Tesla Model 3

Skoda Launches A Karoq Scout Modification

Skoda adds a third member to its Scout family. The Skoda Karoq Scout will join the Octavia and the Kodiaq in the lineup of rugged cars. The company will present it in October 2018 at the Paris Motor Show.

The first such a car was introduced more than 10 years ago.

The Karoq Scout, like two other models, has additional plastic body cladding. It features silver accents and 18-inch wheels (in standard), while 19-inch ones are offered optionally. Tinted rear windows and a “Scout” badge on the front fender make this modification differ from a conventional Karoq.

The interior is made in black and brown. There is Scout lettering on the seats. Stainless steel pedals, LED ambient lighting, the all-digital instrument cluster are among distinctive features of the car.

2019 Skoda Karoq Scout‘s interior

The engine lineup includes a petrol 1.5-liter 150-hp TSI and a diesel 2.0-liter 150- or 190-hp TDI. The transmission variants are a 6-speed manual an optional 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. DSG comes as basic with the diesel motor.

The car maker adopted this version of the Skoda Karoq to a standard all-wheel-drive layout.

2019 Skoda Karoq Scout rear

Source: Motor1

Suzuki Vitara SUV Received A New Turbo Engine

Suzuki has shown official images and a video of the updated Suzuki Vitara SUV for the European market. The public debut of the model is expected at the Paris Motor Show in October 2018.

The SUV received new Suzuki SX4-styled radiator grille and a front bumper. The ‘stuffing’ of the rear lamps also changed. The lights are all-red now, although this solution will unlikely be used in all countries.

There are more body colors available now and new wheels. An instrument panel in the cabin is reworked. A front panel is made of softer plastic.

In Europe the 2019 Suzuki Vitara will be offered with a 112-hp petrol turbo 1.0 Boosterjet engine inherited from the Suzuki SX4 . It replaced the 4-cylinder aspirated M16A 1.6 (120 hp). A 4-cylinder 140-hp 4 Boosterjet remains in the motor range.

The gearboxes are not announced yet. In the SX4 SUV the 1.0-liter engine combines with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The 1.4 Boosterjet motor in both models works in tandem with 6-speed manual or automatics. The new Vitara will be available again with both Allgrip front- or all-wheel drive.

Experts Called The Countries With The Cheapest Petrol In The World

Bloomberg agency ranked the countries in the world with the lowest and highest prices for 95 RON petrol.

According to the agency, the cheapest petrol is sold in Venezuela. In this state a liter of car fuel costs less than 10 cents per liter.

Iran takes the second position. Here the price of a liter is $0.28.

The third is Kuwait. In this Arabian country petrol costs $0.35/l.

The TOP 10 also included:

  • Nigeria -$0.41/l;
  • Egypt – $0.43/l;
  • Saudi Arabia -$0.54/l;
  • Malaysia – $0.54/l;
  • Indonesia -$0.67/l;
  • United Arab Emirates -$0.68/l;
  • Russia – $0.72/l.

As follows from the ranking, the most expensive petrol in the world is in Hong Kong – $2.09 per liter.

Norway ($2.02/l) and the Netherlands ($1.93/l) come next.

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