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Hyundai Launches Next-gen Sonata & New Genesis SUV In 2019

The Hyundai Motor Group is going to introduce not less than 13 all-new or facelift models in 2019, including in new market segments.

Though experts expect global automotive production to fall by 1% in 2019 (the first drop in 9 years) due to uncertainty on major markets (USA and China) caused by trade protectionism, the Hyundai and Kia brands will try to stabilize and enhance their businesses.

The luxury Genesis brand will launch an all-wheel-drive SUV this year which shares the platform with the upcoming G80 sedan and has a choice of V6 and V8 engines.

The new-generation Hyundai Sonata sedan should also arrive with a brand new Fluidic Sculpture 3.0 design. A wagon version will be available for the European buyers.  

Thanks to these models, Hyundai-Kia hope to reach a mark of 7.6 million cars sold in 2019.

In 2018, the Hyundai Motor Group became the 5th largest automaker in the world, having sold 7.399 million vehicles (less than planned 7.55 million).

In addition to 13 new products, the company will launch a pilot service of its autonomous taxis in South Korea by 2021 and expand partnerships with leading players in that area.

Photo: current Hyundai Sonata

4th Сrossover Added To Cadillac Lineup

The premium brand of General Motors seeks to meet challenges of the modern car market. The fourth crossover has been added to the Cadillac lineup.

The 2019 Detroit Auto Show will be the place for debut of the Cadillac XT6 (pictured above), the fourth representative of the brand’s SUV range.

The flagship Escalade is well known and has been produced for a long time. As for the other Cadillac crossovers, they appear like mushrooms after rain.

The first of the new cohort is the Cadillac XT5 introduced in spring 2016. The SUV is positioned as a global model and is on sale not only in the United States, but in Europe and China as well (here they manufacture it withal).

In early 2018, the compact Cadillac XT4 made its debut. It will likely be available not only to American buyers.

And now, General Motors has officially unveiled the fourth Cadillac XT6 crossover. It will sit between the Cadillac XT5 and the huge and expensive Cadillac Escalade.

The new model goes on sale in mid-2019. Prices are not announced, but we can assume they start from $60,000.

Does the XT6 look like the XT5 and XT4?.. Yes, it does.

Icona Nucleus Will Begin To Conquer Paris in Late January

Icona Design Group will present its futuristic Icona Nucleus autonomous model at the “Festival Automobile International” held in Paris from January 30 to February 3, 2019.

The event dedicated to concept cars and automotive design takes place at the Hotel des Invalides during Fashion Design Week.

The Icona Nucleus concept car, which successfully premiered at the auto shows in Geneva and Los Angeles, will be showcased in a 1:5 scale version to overview all design details.

Global Design Director of Icona, Mr. Samuel Chuffart, will present the team work in developing the new automotive architecture.


The Icona Nucleus Concept represents the company’s vision for the future human-centered mobility with artificial intelligence. It has Level 5 of autonomy and is a six-seater.


Without a steering wheel and a dashboard, the driver becomes a passenger and can focus on the trip. Each personal space is interactive and individual to meet passenger needs. The seats are flexible and can be fitted for different uses (living room, mobile office and other layouts).

Icona Nucleus’s profile

The Icona Nucleus is a self-driving luxury cocoon-like lounge. Thanks to a total output of 600hp from four electric motors, the model has great dynamics far beyond what is imaginable for a vehicle of this size to date.

Source: Icona Design Group

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