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Owners Of New Tesla Model S and Model X Get Free Supercharger Access

Tesla has announced that customers buying all-new Model S and Model X will receive unlimited complimentary access to the company’s Supercharger.

Supercharger is the world’s fastest electric vehicle charging network. Normally its cost for the Model S is $116, and it is $132 for the Model X.

The offer has no expiration date. It also doesn’t refer to Tesla’s most recent customers. In case the owner sells the car or transfers ownership, free supercharger access will be ceased.

To take advantage of the offer, buyers can return their vehicles delivered in the last 7 days, receive their money back in full and place an order again.

We remind that not so long ago the starting price of the Tesla Model S increased from $75,000 to $79,990, while the Model X‘s price now starts from $84,990 (instead of previous $81,000).

Elon Musk promises some benefits (like Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Capability at half the normal cost) for the customers who bought a Tesla before the price change to alleviate their discontent.

Owners of the new Tesla Model S and Model X are given unlimited free Supercharger access

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