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Overland-E Gen2 All-Electric Off-Roader Could Arrive By Mid-2023

Have you ever heard of Overland-E? If not, now is the time to know of it, as this is a British company which is getting ready to introduce something interesting and possibly useful – the Overland-E Gen2 electric all-terrain vehicle.

There is a demand for both off-roaders and zero-emission vehicles in the world, and the new Overland-E Gen2 is two in one – eco-friendly and all-terrain at once.

The manufacturer has announced it will bring the model to market, meaning a production-ready version, by the middle of next year. As for prototypes, expect them by the end of 2022.

Overland-E plans to offer two variants: a luxurious, road-legal Urban and a more off-road capable Explorer, able to go “anywhere over anything.”

Nothing is known now about the Gen2’s powertrain, equipment, and technologies, except for its incredible electric-driving range of 750 miles (1200 km) and the payload of more than 3,300 pounds (1,500 kg). A few images are available as well.

The target buyers for the Overland-E Gen2 are considered to be the military and the motorsport (desert racing). Mass production is likely to be organized (if any) in local markets like the USA.

Overland-E Gen2 Silhouette
Overland-E Gen2 Profile
Overland-E Gen2 Back
Overland-E Gen2 Rear
Overland-E Gen2 Inside
Overland-E Gen2 Cabin
Overland-E Gen2 Face
Overland-E Gen2 Front

Source: Carbuzz

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