Opel Has Revealed A Secret Over The New Design Of Its Models

Opel Has Revealed A Secret Over The New Design Of Its Models

Opel has revealed a secret over the new design of its models. The German automaker showed the first teasers of a demonstration prototype, which is designed to show the look of all future models.

The prototype called GT X Experimental should debut this year. It is a symbol of the transition of Opel and its British “daughter” Vauxhall from General Motors under the management of the French PSA Group.

All future Opel and Vauxhall models are assumed to have a similar front end from 2025. Judging by the photos, it reminds a shark’s nose. Although the company itself hints at the similarity with a sports screen helmet. Thus, Opel will try to ginger the sales of its budget cars among the youth audience in Europe.

With hidden outlines and no front grille this prototype is a hatchback bodystyled EV. The first updated car in the Opel lineup should be the Corsa (pictured above) .

As earlier reported, the Opel Corsa will get a fully electric version in 2020. So, it is possible that in the photo and video we see its future evolution.

As for the version of the compact hatchback with a conventional engine, it should arrive in 2019.


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