Only Two Hundred Hydrogen Powered Vehicles Have Been Sold In Europe In 2018

According to the sales results in the European car market just over two hundred hydrogen powered vehicles have been sold in 2018, EAFO reports.

Only three models with hydrogen-fueled engines are presently sold in Europe: the Toyota Mirai sedan, the Hyundai ix35 crossover, and the Renault Kangoo van.

Only the Mirai (pictured) of this trio was designed from the very beginning as a hydrogen car, the rest are the modifications of standard models.

So, since the beginning of this year Europeans have bought 100 units of the Renault Kangoo FCEV, 71 Toyotas Mirai and 36 units of Hyundai ix35 FCEV. Even in comparison with electric car sales this is very little.

Low demand for hydrogen powered vehicles is due to their high price, as well as underdeveloped infrastructure. The Toyota Mirai, for example, costs from 67,000 dollars.

Let’s remind, that hydrogen cars are actually EVs. Their battery is powered from hydrogen elements. The product of exhaust is ordinary water.

As for the countries where most hydrogen cars were sold, France is in the lead. The Kangoo FCEV was sold in quantity of 92 cars, plus 10 ix35s and 7 Mirais. 22 men purchased the Toyota Mirai in Norway.

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