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Only 30 New Chevy Corvettes Left Available for Sale in the USA

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 is almost sold out, just about 30 cars still left in stock across the entire Unites States.

This mid-engine model is one of the most anticipated, and it well may be one of the most unfulfilled promises of the year.

General Motors produced around 2,700 vehicles before the COVID-19 shutdown, and is said to have ceased taking orders for the 2020 model.

Customers are coming up against high dealer markups or offers to place an order for the 2021 model year. Several dealers pre-sold the 2020 cars and start taking deposits for the 2021 Corvette.

According to CarsDirect, presently a base C8 is virtually non-existent. More than half of the cars cost above $80,000. The priciest offer is 3LT Coupe at $139,210 in Salt Lake Valley, Utah. It is $50,000 markup over its stated MSRP of $89,210.

Chevrolet will produce more Corvettes, of course, the only question is time. We’ve heard the 2020 Corvette Coupe will go into production soon. A convertible version should roll off the assembly line in July.

The 2021 production will be possibly rescheduled for November.

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