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On March 29 Volkswagen Golf Celebrated Its 45th Birthday

The iconic Volkswagen Golf hatchback celebrated its 45th birthday last week. It was launched in 1974, and since then 35 million cars have been sold worldwide.

The Volkswagen Gold first rolled off the assembly line on March 29, 1974 in Wolfsburg. This European multiple best-seller has seven generations. The eighth generation model (Mk8) is around the corner and debuts later this year.

VW produces the Golf at six facilities around the world, including the mentioned Wolfsburg plant. There are plants in Germany, China, Brazil and Mexico. The car is exported to 155 countries.

It came to replace the original Volkswagen Beetle and for years has been positioned as a ‘people’s car’ for the mass market. Now we can say that the modern Golf has approached to the premium segment and is able to rival even luxury vehicles, the Audi A3, in particular.

Here’s a look at how the Volkswagen Golf has evolved over the years:

Volkswagen Golf. Seventh generation
Seventh generation (Mk7 & Mk7.5): 2012-present

Source: CarAdvice

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