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Number Of Pre-orders For Volkswagen ID.3 Exceeded 15,000 For A Week

Consumer interest in the newest Volkswagen ID.3 electric car is very high. More than 15,000 potential owners made reservation and paid a deposit.

A week after the start of reservation, more than 15,000 pre-orders have been made for the all-electric Volkswagen ID.3 hatchback. Thus, more than half vehicles from the first batch are now reserved.

The ID.3 caused the greatest interest in Germany itself, as well as in Norway, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Sweden.

Potential customers can register on a special site, pay a deposit of €1000, and then they get in the queue for the ID.3.

We remind that the initial price will be about €30,000. The first to launch into production are in the 1ST special edition cars which are twice expensive.

Нowever, in addition to the exclusive status and relatively expensive equipment, the owners of the first ID.3s will be able to charge their vehicles for free during the first year up to a maximum of 2000kWh at all public charging points connected to the We Charge system.

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