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Nissan Z Comparison Test Result Turned Out to Be Disappointing

A quartet of sports models including the all-new Nissan Z that is a market debutant this summer got tested to compare their potency and driving fun.

A new comparison test of four performance coupes priced around $60,000 has been taken by Car and Driver. They are:

ModelPrice: Base / As Tested
2023 Nissan Z Performance $51,015 / $53,610
2022 BMW M240i xDrive$49,545 / $59,270
2022 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium$56,065 / $57,260
2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1       $54,595 /$60,740

We were especially interested in how the ‘youngest’ test participant – 2023 Nissan Z – would perform. Testers put the model in last place out of 4.

Frankly, we expected a different result, as the Z is the newest entertainer in the segment and one of the most anticipated arrivals in 2022. The Ford car took the 1st place, the Toyota car – the 2nd, and the BMW car – the 3rd.

2023 Nissan Z’s Highs and Lows

Strong points of this car include its more affordable price compared to competitors, Z heritage styling, and a 6-speed manual gearbox.

In general, its twin-turbo 400-hp V6 engine drew positive comments on the road except for its dull sound, somewhat indistinct shifter feel, and slower acceleration than its horsepower would suggest, especially compared to rivals.

Also, the car found itself in a limp-home mode during testing despite extra cool-down passes and two restarts.

Several days of test-driving revealed such weaknesses as too many borrows from the old 370Z, an underdamped suspension that can’t keep the vehicle settled when cornering or braking on uneven pavement.

More aggressive and stickier tires would fit better to shorten the 166-foot 70-mph stops or to up the 0.93 g of lateral grip.

Also, the Car and Driver guys disliked the seats derived from the predecessor, though the driving position itself earned praise.

Comparative test results
Comparative test results

Having tried the Nissan Z over a few days, the testers concluded that the model was not the apex of the segment and that there were better choices on the market.

Of course, any conclusions are relative, and it all depends on what we expect from a car.

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