Nissan Rogue Got ‘Closed-Loop’ Recycling System

Nissan Uses Innovative ‘Closed-Loop’ Recycling System for the Rogue_photo

The all-new Nissan Rogue is the first global model of the brand built with the use of a ‘closed-loop’ recycling system for aluminum parts.

Unlike the parts made of primary alloys from raw materials, this system helps cut carbon dioxide emissions and wastes from factories. It promotes the usage of materials not relying on newly mined resources.

Under the Nissan Green Program 2022, the company aims to replace 30 percent of the raw materials used for the production of vehicles in 2022 with materials that don’t rely on newly mined resources.

Nissan produces the Rogue in Japan (Kyushu) and the USA (Smyrna, TN). The hood and doors are made of aluminum alloy that reduces the weight of the car, improves fuel economy and power performance.

The separated and reprocessed aluminum scrap turns into aluminum alloy sheets for Nissan to use in car production.

The automaker has collaborated with Kobe Steel, Ltd. and UACJ Corp. in Japan, and with Arconic Corporation and Novelis Inc. in the U.S. to support the process.

Source: Nissan

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