Nissan Revealed Some Info About The Fastest Sports Car In The World

Nissan Revealed Some Info About The Fastest Sports Car In The World

Nissan’s design boss Alfonso Albaisa informed that the next version of the iconic GT-R would not look like the Italdesign supercar shown in Goodwood.

According to Albaisa, it will be a special car, fully different with its design from the current model.

Although the details about the new Nissan GT-R are not still unveiled, we can assume some of them may resonate with the Vision Gran Turismo concept, which was introduced by the company in 2014.

The main difficulty in working with the final appearance of the new sports car is the fact the company has not definitively decided yet on either the powertrain or the chassis of the car.

Nissan engineers face an incredibly difficult task to develop the fastest and most powerful serial sports car, which will be able to conquer racing tracks and be accessible for use on ordinary roads.

Detailed information about the engine of the future generation GT-R does not exist either. Albaisa does not deny the possibility of using a hybrid system, but says this does not mean that the vehicle will necessarily have electric traction. Nissan only studies various options in the search for the most optimal.

In any case, it should be a really powerful car with at least 600 hp of output.

Upper photo: 2020 Nissan Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Source: Autocar

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