Nissan Maxima Production Ends In Mid-2023: Electrification Is to Blame

Nissan teases its EV sedans

The automaker has announced it will cease production of the current Nissan Maxima for North America in the middle of next year.

Nissan wants to focus on electric vehicles and does a ‘general cleaning’ of its model range. Even the Nissan Maxima is leaving, albeit it will happen in mid-2023. However, no direct replacement has been announced yet.

Does it mean the next generation of the sedan still may arrive? Nissan shares no details and recommends staying tuned for future Nissan Maxima news.

Given the fact the current Maxima stops rolling off the assembly line next year, the new-gen model is unlikely in the cards, at least the Maxima to which we are accustomed.

However, Nissan plans to launch an electric sedan in 2025. One of the company’s teasers (upper picture) shows a futuristic-looking car with a curved roofline whose face resembles the Nissan Ariya: what if it’s the future Maxima?

Nissan Maxima Today

It is a good sedan with an elegant interior, a powerful V6 engine, a gentle ride, and user-friendly infotainment controls. 

However, when it comes to comparison with competitors, like the Toyota Avalon, Dodge Charger, or even the Nissan Altima, the shortcomings of the Maxima become noticeable. It is not as well-rounded as most rivals in the large car segment.  

In particular, the Nissan Maxima’s so-so trunk and passenger spaces, mediocre fuel economy, and above-average retail price are its weak points. Nevertheless, those who love the model against all odds will miss it.

Source: Carbuzz

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