Nissan Has Come Up With Interiors Able to Combat Viruses

Nissan Rogue's Interior

Some car interiors are able to destroy viruses…At least, Nissan has worked on this.

Nissan is ready to combat viruses and prevent car occupants from getting sick. The company has developed a new technology in partnership with Tohoku University’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The technology inactivates viruses and prevents them from bonding with human cells: oxidizes, denatures, and degrades viruses’ proteins.

Unlike other techs which require light irradiation, this new one from Nissan functions in dark at room temperature.

How Do Passengers Benefit From It?

When getting into the car, occupants occur in a healthier and safer environment, because the vehicle materials (paints, fiber, and polymer) use radical catalysts allowing the new tech to work.

So, passengers fall under a passive positive effect and get a chance not to get sick. Owners of the Nissan Rogue will be the first to evaluate the innovation.

There is more news from Nissan this month. U.S. sales of the Altima, Maxima, and Pathfinder have begun – we mean the new 2033 model-year vehicles. New prices, some updates…

Moreover, Nissan has approved the first bi-directional charger for the Leaf in the USA. All in all, the company tries to worthy represent itself in the highly competitive global automotive market.

Source: Carbuzz

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