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Nissan 400Z Won’t Be a Hybrid Or a Pure EV…For Several Years

Nissan’s vice-president of global product strategy, Ivan Espinosa, has recently told of what they plan for the new Z sport car.

From his words, the Nissan 400Z, the successor of the 370Z, will initially stick to familiar gasoline powertrain, without hybrid assistance.

The new car is very close to its official unveiling as part of the “NISSAN NEXT: From A to Z” plan, CarAdvice repors.

Mr. Espinosa mentions “two different things”, meaning a conventionally powered model and the one which could be either a hybrid or a fully electric vehicle.

In reference to the modern EV technology, Mr. Espinosa says the current hardware is not at the sufficient level to deliver the performance we expect in a sports car.

This is a moot point, in fact, but according to Nissan, the weight of a battery pack and inconsistency regarding the power output are the main stumbling-blocks, when it comes to electrification.

The company will continue improving ombustion before switching to electrification in the “mid to long term.”

From what Espinosa says, we can conclude that a hybrid or a pure electric Nissan Z car may be in the cards, but we should not expect them in the near future.

The Nissan 400 Z will ride on the 370Z’s platform, and, in terms of its look, is “not retro as much as it’s respect.”   

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