Nikola Badger Fuel-Cell Pickup Available To Preorder From June 29

Nikola Badger Fuel-Cell Pickup Available To Preorder From June 29

Nikola, a maker of fuel-cell-powered semi-trucks, has announced it opens up reservations for its first consumer product – the Nikola Badger pickup truck.

The model will be unveiled at the annual Nikola World 2020 event (expected in September 2020). On June 29, the company will share the details and start accepting pre-orders.

Those who put a deposit down on a Badger will get first dibs on tickets for the world premiere.

Pricing will follow later. Nikola will partner another automaker sharing parts and facilities. 

UPDATE 06-14-20: There are three partners in the running right now for a joint venture on the Badger. In the next few months, Nikola will announce with which one of those three it collaborates.

The company’s CEO and founder Trevor Milton has recently reported that the new truck will enter production in 2022 or even earlier.

The Nikola Badger is an unusual model. It will be available either as a pure hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle with 600 miles (966 km) of range or as a battery-electric one with 300 miles (483 km). The fuel cell system can be added to the latter after purchase as an upgrade.

The maker promises the Badger will feature stamped metal panels, 4×4, five seats, a 160.0-kWh battery pack and an optional 120.0-kW fuel cell.

The pickup will deliver 906 hp and 980 lb-ft (1329 Nm) of torque. There is also a 15-kW power outlet to hook up tools or camping equipment. The towing capacity is more than 8000 pounds (3629 kg).

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