Next Jaguar XJ Will Be All-electric And Made in the UK

Next Jaguar XJ Will Be All-electric And Made in the UK

Jaguar Land Rover readies to produce EV lineup In Great Britain. The first in the range will be a new-generation Jaguar XJ sedan.

JLR will provide thousands of jobs in the UK. The factory in Castle Bromwich has been chosen for production of electric vehicles.

According to the company’s electrification strategy, since 2020 all new Jaguar and Land Rover models will receive an all-electric version.

The British manufacturer intends to make electric drives and battery packs as well. The innovative Center in Hams Hall for battery production will work next year. Its design capacity is 150,000 units.

Engines are made at the JLR’s Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton.

The new-gen Jaguar XJ sedan will be the first in the future EV lineup. This is a model preferred by celebrities, which is on sale in 120 markets.

The car’s electric version will keep all its inherent features: bright design, intelligent performance, luxury.

The same team of designers, which created a successful Jaguar I-Pace, is developing the XJ now.

The facility in Castle Bromwich is undergoing a large-scale reorganization. In particular, equipment is being delivered to built Modular Longitudinal Architecture. This platform fits different powertrains, including electric and hybrid ones.

Jaguar Land Rover believes the UK has all necessary to become the world’s leader of electric mobility: raw materials, researches and suppliers.

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