Next-Generation Porsche Macan Will Be All-Electric

Next-Generation Porsche Macan Will Be All-Electric

Porsche will launch an all-electric Porsche Macan at the start of the next decade. It will be the first compact SUV of the brand with an electric-only drive that joins other Porsche EVs: Taycan (arrives in late 2019) and its derivative Taycan Cross Turismo.

Porsche continues to make steps to the electric mobility future. The next-generation Macan will be pure electric. The company is readying its site in Leipzig for production of electric vehicles.

By 2022 the carmaker from Stuttgart invests over 6 billion euros in electrification, by 2025 a half of all new Porsches will be electric driven.

Like the Taycan, the compact Porsche Macan features 800-volt technology and is based on the Porsche PPE architecture (Premium Platform Electric) developed together with Audi.

The Leipzig site is being transformed into an automobile plant for electric mobility

Porsche’s Leipzig plant is one of the most advanced and sustainable facilities in the automotive industry. The Cayenne, Macan and Panamera roll off the assembly line here. Today it produces more than 90,000 Macans annually for global markets.

Source: Porsche

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