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Next-gen Honda HR-V Shows Its Expressive Exterior Design

More information about the new-generation 2023 Honda HR-V will be released in the next few months, meanwhile, the carmaker has revealed its exterior.

The exterior of the all-new Honda HR-V is characterized by several comparative adjectives, when compared with the predecessor: longer (hood, wheelbase), wider (stance), larger (body, grille); sleeker (roofline), more responsive (engine); more refined, confident and fun-to-drive (personality).

Among the ‘goodies’, the model offers, there are windshield wipers that are hidden under the hood line when not in use. To get rid of unsightly roof moldings, the manufacturer applies laser-brazing technology for the 2023 Honda HR-V.

The car is based on the popular Honda Civic of the eleventh generation. All in its exterior – from a low horizontal beltline, sporty proportions, and wide-set LED lights to a functional tailgate spoiler, a large greenhouse, and door-mounted mirrors – is for making a strong sense of adventure.

Honda considers first-time buyers, young buyers, and multicultural customers to be a target group for the new HR-V. The model is scheduled to launch in the summer.

New-generation 2023 Honda HR-V Rear
2023 Honda HR-V

Update as of April 12, 2022:

The manufacturer continues teasing with the all-new 2023 Honda HR-V considering it to be “the right size for young, active buyers”. The model adopts the brand’s new interior design direction called “Simplicity and Something”. The company debuted this kind of interior on the Honda Civic of the 11th generation. Honda says the HR-V’s cabin will be feature-rich and flexible and provide more space for cargo and more comfortable 2nd-row seating.

Cargo Compartment of the new Honda HR-V
2023 Yonda HR-V’s Cargo Compartment
All-New Honda HR-V Gear Shifter
2023 Honda HR-V Gear Shifter

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