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Next-Gen Ford Mustang Will Premiere on September 14: Official

After speculations about the 7th-generation Ford Mustang’s possible debut date, we can say now when exactly the model reveal happens. It will be at the NAIAS in Detroit on Sept. 14 at 8 p.m. EDT.

Yesterday the manufacturer officially announced the date of the all-new Ford Mustang premiere. The model will debut on September 14, 2022, during a mass rally called The Stampede as part of the Detroit Auto Show activities.

Owners can register for participation in The Stampede event with their own Mustangs. Fans, media, and employees are also invited. Ford will broadcast The Stampede live on its social channels.

Media have already reported a lot about the upcoming model – about its appearance and powertrain lineup that is expected to add at least two hybrid variants. Even with many substantive changes, it will remain the iconic Mustang with an array of appearance and performance packages and options.

Сontrary to hopes, all-wheel drive will be unlikely offered for the next-gen vehicle, unless Ford surprises us.


The Ford Mustang was and continues to be the No.1 model in America’s sports cars category. We can’t state it is unrivaled: there are quite worth competitors in the same class, like the Chevrolet Camaro or the Dodge Challenger.

They have advantages over the Mustang, but in general, the Ford pony car is still a better choice.

The Mustang offers more powerful engines across the range, more standard safety features, a more refined cabin, a roomier truck, and better outward visibility than the Camaro, though the latter seems a bit livelier when it comes to handling.

While the Mustang can’t match the Dodge Challenger in power, it is a far more nimble and fun-to-drive vehicle when runs on winding roads.

The Challenger’s rear seats and trunk are more spacious than those of the Ford, but both have interiors and in-cabin equipment of comparable quality.

Source: Ford

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