Next-gen Ford Mustang Arrives in 2022 with an Electrified V8

Next-gen Ford Mustang Arrives in 2022 with an Electrified V8_image

The new Ford Mustang will receive a hybrid powertrain for the first time.

The next Mustang codenamed S650 is part of Ford’s plan to launch 18 mild- and full-hybrid models through 2022. The vehicle will be available both in left-hand and right-hand drive.

Although Ford now has the all-electric Mach-E, the conventional coupé and convertible Mustangs will continue to dominate sales of the model for some time yet.

The eight-cylinder engine this time will be combined with a fuel-efficient hybrid system and four-wheel drive. The current non-hybrid V8 and 4-cylinder turbo engines may carry over to the next model as well, but Europe-spec Ford Mustang will unlikely have a V8 without some form of electrification.

The mentioned hybrid system could offer torque vectoring. A similar powertrain concept is used in the latest Ford Explorer Hybrid available in the USA. The next Mustang will ride on a CD6 platform, like the Explorer and the Lincoln Aviator.

As for its appearance, expect it will be modernized but retain the model’s peculiarity. Inside, the new Mustang will be more driver-focused than the Mach-E, we believe.

The four-seat layout should continue, with the hybrid system to effect minimally on interior space.

Picture: rendering from Autocar, how it imagines the new hybrid Ford Mustang could look

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