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Next Ford Mustang Hybrid Won’t Come: Expect Gas-Only Model

Oh well! It turns out that the new Ford Mustang S650 will have no hybrid version.

It was expected that the new-generation Ford Mustang would bring new hybrid versions – one or a pair. The Mustang with all-wheel drive was even rumored about, although we didn’t really believe in such a step from Ford.

The latest news says the 7th-gen car will be gasoline only through its lifecycle – that is, an improved variant of the current S550 Mustang with carryover powertrains and platform.

What Made Ford Abandon Its Hybrid Program for the Mustang?

The current success of the Mach-e is the reason, according to Muscle Cars & Trucks.

The 2023 Mustang Mach-e, by the way, will be available at a considerably higher price caused by a rise in the cost of materials.

While the Ford Mustang S650 will be non-hybrid and the last of its kind with a V8 engine under the hood, the fully electric Mustang should be revealed around mid-2028 and eventually replace the ICE-powered model.

As a reminder: the next Ford Mustang will make its global debut on September 14 at the Detroit auto show.

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