Next BMW X3 M Will Not Receive a Gasoline Engine

2022 BMW iX3

The new BMW X3 will hit the market closer to the mid-decade. Prototypes of the G45-codenamed model have been spotted during road tests. The upcoming X3 retains the CLAR platform, but a high-performance M version is a completely different story.

The BMW X3 M’s new iteration will be fully electric, according to BMW Blog. The current X3 M with an in-line six-cylinder engine will be the last gasoline-powered.

The crossover’s electric M version is expected to sit on a new (Neue Klasse) electric architecture which debuts in 2025.

The BMW iX3 M will be supposedly more powerful than the current X3 M, surpassing the Competition version that packs 503 hp and 443 pound-feet (600 Nm) of torque. BMW engineers are working on hardware with a capability of over 1300 horsepower.

The iX3 M should hit the market in 2026 or 2027. The BMW iX4 (the successor of the X4) from the same Neue Klasse lineup should be put into production in November 2026.

Photo: 2022 BMW iX3

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