Next BMW 4 Series Will Debut At the Frankfurt Motor Show

According to several sources, the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show will host the next-generation BMW 4 Series…in a concept form.

The BMW 4 Series was first introduced 6 years ago. So, appearance of the next-generation car is logical.

The company will likely unveil the 2020 BMW 4 Series Concept next month at the show in Frankfurt (September 12-22, 2019).

The “concept” approach is usual for BMW, they launched the previous first-gen model in the same way. We expect the production car arrival next year.

The new 4 Series concept will feature a polarizing design with a show-off front fascia. That means enlarged kidney grille for more differentiation from the relative 3 Series. Such design will be applied to future models, like the G80 M3 and G82 M4.

The engines for the new BMW 4 Series will probably carry over from the latest 3 Series. It is about 4-cylinders, both petrol (gasoline) and diesel, based on BMW TwinPower Turbo technology.

It will have a similar interior design and receive the newest infotainment system and driver assist features.

Since the 4 Series debut in 2013, BMW has delivered nearly 400,000 vehicles all over the world.

The key markets for the model are the United States (a third of all BMW 4 Series sales), Great Britain and Germany. About 50% all BMW 4 Series models are sold in Europe.

The current prices are €41,250 (Coupe and Gran Coupe), €50,750 (Cabrio) in Germany, and $44,950 (Coupe), $44,750 (Gran Coupe), $53,100 (Convertible) in the USA.

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