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New Volkswagen Golf Captured In China

A prototype of the new Volkswagen Golf has been captured partially camouflaged in the parking lot in Beijing. Volkswagen tests the model on public roads.

The next 8-generation Golf is one of the most anticipated cars. The photos are showing the upcoming model. We can see some interesting details. The hatchback is left in the VW and Audi R & D Center’s parking lot almost not hidden under the disguise, what is strange.

It may be a pre-production prototype expecting for further modification of the body. We believe that we’re really looking at the next Golf.

If you agree with the fact that this is the VW Golf Mk8, the model will undergo significant changes. It is not similar to the previous Golfs with its new aggressive front bumper of complex plastic and the narrowest headlights.

Other interesting changes are visible at the rear, for example, the lights of all-new complex shape and two tailpipes. May it be the Golf GTI? The nameplate on the false radiator grille hints at this.

The profile has undergone the most fundamental changes: lower and more dynamic silhouette with a long side glazing, another shape of the door.

There are no photos of the interior. New details will appear later, and we know then to what extend the look of the car on the images corresponds to the new hatchback.

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