New Technology Of Ford Will Make Traffic Lights Unnecessary

Ford IPM

Ford is testing a new technology that could lead to disappearance of traffic lights from roads due to their uselessness. Continuous connectivity between vehicles should help in it.

The Intersection Priority Management technology (IPM) is designed to help drivers drive through intersections without stopping. This will accelerate the average speed of traffic and increase traffic safety and efficiency.

The technology was demonstrated last week on the streets of Milton Keynes (United Kingdom) as part of British government-sponsored Autodrive program (costs £20 million), which aims to bring connected and unmanned vehicles from test sites to real cities.

Every year an average driver spends two days idle at traffic lights. Crossroads also cause up to 60% of road accidents. In addition to saving time, the non-stop passage of intersections will allow saving fuel used when accelerating a car after stopping.

IPM uses connectivity between vehicles (Vehicle-to-Vehicle, V2V) .The experimental cars were equipped with V2V communication systems. IPM on-board systems are able to identify approach of the car to a crossroad, trajectory of other vehicles approaching it. Based on these data, the technology will offer the optimum speed for each car to go through safely.

People were behind the wheel during tests. However, the technology can also be applied on autonomous vehicles. Someday automobiles will be able to move safely and efficiently without the need for traffic lights or signs.

Ford IPM

Other technologies tested include ‘crowdsourcing parking’ which lets make a map of free parking spaces using data from parking sensors of cars, as well as the technology that warns about an emergency vehicle coming near.

Source: Ford

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