New Pictures Showed ‘Earthly’ Character Of BMW iNEXT

The new BMW iNEXT spy photos show not only the exterior of the electric vehicle, but also the interior. No radicalism is noticed.

The BMW iNEXT fully electric crossover hit the cameras when conducting road tests in one of the cities in Germany. Now, apart from the appearance, the interior has been partly photographed.

It is clear that we have a test prototype in front of us, but now we can say that the iNEXT cabin will be made in a minimalist style with no special originality, unlike the BMW i3. The new electric car looks rather trivial.

Generally speaking, a production car has very little in common with the Vision iNEXT concept. It is clear now the final design won’t be so radical.

On the other hand, the iNEXT is designed for mass market, and not everyone is satisfied with cosmic accents both outside and inside.

2018 BMW Vision iNEXT Concept
2018 BMW Vision iNEXT Concept


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