New Opel Combo Cargo Got An All-Wheel-Drive Version

New Opel Combo Cargo Got An All-Wheel-Drive Version

The Opel Combo Cargo now has a version with an additional switch on the dashboard for all-wheel drive.

The new Combo AWD costs €6,400 euros more than a front-wheel-drive van. Ability of 4×4 drive installation was provided still at design stage. For this developers optimized the steering and suspension systems.

The part-time all-wheel drive is specially designed for the Combo Cargo. The driver can select an Eco mode (front-wheel drive) or an Auto 4WD mode using the jog dial on the dashboard.

In Eco the 4×4 system is disabled, and the Opel Combo Cargo only works with front-wheel drive. This reduces fuel consumption, emissions and tire wear. If road conditions become more severe, the driver can switch to Auto 4WD without stopping.

In an even more difficult situation, the driver can select a R.Lock mode for additional locking of the rear axle. Limited slip rear differential to maintain traction in the most demanding driving conditions is optional.

The Combo Cargo 4×4 has increased ground clearance (by 20 mm), protective plates for the engine and the gearbox, as well as additional protection for the fuel tank and the rear axle. Under the hood, there is a 1.5-liter 130-hp diesel engine and a six-speed manual transmission.

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