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New Nissan Juke Hybrid Is Introduced This Summer

A new hybrid powertrain of the 2023 Nissan Juke Hybrid is advanced, refined, efficient, and responsive

The Nissan Juke Hybrid is a new addition to the Juke lineup and the company’s next step on its way to full electrification. The model’s core feature is its hybrid powertrain.

It consists of Nissan’s new-gen, specifically developed 1.6-liter engine with 94 hp (69 kW) and 109 lb-ft of torque, and an electric motor that produces 49 hp (36 kW) and 151 lb-ft. Also, the hybrid system comprises Renault’s 15-kW high voltage starter generator, an inverter, a 1.2-kWh liquid-cooled battery, and a smart multimodal gearbox.

The new powertrain is 25% more powerful than the current gasoline engine and is 40% more efficient in the urban cycle (up to 20% in the combined cycle). Estimated fuel consumption figures are  45-47 mpg (5.0-5.2 l/100 km); combined CO2 emissions are 114-117 g/km (183.5-188 g/mi) now.

Nissan tuned the Juke Hybrid’s intelligent drive system to maximize the amount of time the car spends in pure electric mode. Thus, up to 80 % EV drive in urban settings is achieved.

Nissan Juke Hybrid image
Nissan Juke Hybrid

In addition to technical tweaks, the 2023 Juke has received a number of exterior and interior updates.

The exterior features “Hybrid” badges and a grille with a new design motif typical for all electrified Nissans featuring a fresh brand logo, a black gloss strip, and a smaller aperture.

To improve airflow, some changes have been made to the bodywork. They include a re-profiled rear spoiler, reshaped and repositioned air deflectors in front, and a cover on the rear axle. New wheel choices for the model include 17-inch alloy wheels or 19-inch aero ones, both are two-tone.

The interior changes have regard to the location of buttons and dials. A 7-inch combimeter screen display is one of the cabin’s highlights.

Unlike the standard Juke, the trunk space of the hybrid is 354 liters (12.5 cubic feet) – 68 liters (2.4 cubic feet) less due to the packaging of the 1.2-kWh battery. The cargo space is 1,237 liters (43.7 cubic feet) when the rear seats are folded. The rear knee room is the same 553 mm.

Nissan will introduce the 2023 Juke Hybrid this summer.

Source: Nissan

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