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New Jeep Grand Wagoneer Boasts One Nice Feature

The recently-revealed Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept brings plenty of goodies. A light-up grille is one of them.

Along with numerous chrome parts, large 24-inch wheels, an independent rear suspension the concept vehicle features detailed lighting elements.

A recent video on Instagram posted by FCA’s global head of design shows an illuminated grille (which is a modernized version of the Grand Cherokee’s grille).

It represents a kind of welcome-lighting sequence that starts above the grille, then illuminates a “Wagoneer” badge and runs down the grille and over to the headlights, followed by mirror lights and running lights. Looks pretty good.

We hope this feature will make its way to the production model which is set to arrive in mid-2021.

The body-on-frame, three-row Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will go into production next summer. The estimated prices are from $60,000 to over $100,000

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