2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Is Trying Itself On Winter Roads

2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Is Trying Itself On Winter Roads

The flagship Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan of a new generation has been undergoing road tests. Insiders say it will be available with a long wheelbase only.

Spy cameras caught several prototypes hidden under dense camouflage.

Only an extended version is expected due to the fact the E-Class sedan grows from generation to generation and almost can compete with the flagship’s short version. Therefore, Mercedes intends to leave only the LWB variant of the S-Class.

The next-generation sedan has a Level 3 autopilot. Some of it elements can be seen on the grille. The cabin will receive the latest MBUX multimedia system debuted at the CES in Las Vegas this year.

Powertrains are not still unveiled. A fully electric version will join to regular ICEs. Codenamed EQ S, it will be a flagship of the EQ sub-brand for electric vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz EQ S will follow the base S-Class, which should premiere in 2020 and be produced at the new Factory 56 in Sindelfingen, Germany together with other EQ-lineup electric cars.

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