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New Ford Bronco Will Be Only For Right-hand Traffic

Ford has officially announced that the new Bronco SUV and its compact variant will be available only with a steering wheel on the left-hand side. We should not expect deliveries to the countries with left-hand traffic.

The Ford Puma, a new-generation Bronco’s compact version, can debut in 2019. The Ford Bronco itself should arrive not earlier than 2020. The both will be offered only in the right-hand-traffic countries.

According to preliminary information, Ford is not going to export the model outside of North America. Vehicles with the steering wheel on the right won’t be produced.  At least, so far. Thus, the Bronco and its smaller modification will hardly reach the UK or Australia.

The Ford Ranger pickup is sold very well in Australia. Probably, Ford does not want the new Bronco to compete with the Ranger there. The company will not risk to bring the sales of both models down.

2020 Ford Bronco’s render

The Ford’s model range may be expanded in the future by adding the new SUV.

Source: Ford

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