New Flagship Audi Q9 Resembles Volkswagen Atlas

Audi logo image

A test prototype of the new Audi Q9 full-size crossover has been spotted for the first time. Automotive experts noticed it was similar to the Volkswagen Atlas.

A pre-production prototype of the Audi Q9 has first come to the attention of spies. The pictures are published by Car experts say the boxy SUV surprisingly resembles the Volkswagen Teramont sold in China or the Volkswagen Atlas produced in and for the USA.

Contrary to initial speculations, the Audi Q9 is likely to remain with the traditional internal combustion powertrain. There may be options for electrification. In particular, powertrains from the Cayenne E-Hybrid (V6) and Turbo S E-Hybrid (V8) are quite acceptable.

The launch time and the cost of the flagship are unclear now. According to, the only clear thing now is that the Q9 will unlikely have good chances in Europe, but its sales in the USA and Asia, including Saudi Arabia, have high prospects.

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