New Cadillac Escalade Led in Segment in Q4, 43% Sold for over $100,000

New Cadillac Escalade Led in Segment in Q4, 43% Sold for over $100,000

It has come as a surprise that people were willing to pay above $100,000 for the 2021 Cadillac Escalade luxury full-size SUV.

The entry-level Luxury model is priced at $77,490, while the longer ESV starts at $80,490. The top-level Escalade with RWD costs $103,040. The prices include a destination fee.

A decent amount of transactions – 43 percent – were for the configurations which cost more than $100,000, according to the 4th quarter report of General Motors.

9454 Escalades (plus 19 percent) were sold, the 2020 models inclusive.

For comparison: the rivals, such as the Lincoln Navigator or the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, cost over one hundred thousand when fully loaded.

The company thoroughly redesigned the Cadillac Escalade for the 2021 model year. It is available at dealers from October 2020.

The SUV got an ultra-thin OLED sreen, an independent rear suspension, engine upgrades. The Super Cruise driver-assistance suite is optional for the 2021 Escalade. It now includes lane change on demand.

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