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New Audi A4 Will Not Be Pure Electric

The automaker won’t fully electrify the next-generation Audi A4.

The new-generation Audi A4 is expected in 2023, and it will again offer gasoline and diesel engines, Carbuyer reports. The car will have a mild-hybrid version, but no more. There is no fully electric A4 in Audi’s plans.

As for the engines, the lineup will include gasoline and diesel ones with relatively small displacement. The suspension will receive additional tweaks in the form of active anti-roll bars for better handling.

The hybrid version is likely to get the same setup as the Audi Q5 crossover with a small 14.4-kWh battery.

The new Audi A4 should look much sleeker than the outgoing model. In the cabin, the number of physical buttons will be kept to a minimum.

The car will continue sitting on its current MQB Evo platform. This architecture does not adopt full electrification.

However, Audi has the resources to build 100% electric cars. It’s another matter whether such a modification is necessary for sedans, the demand for which has been decreasing in favor of SUVs and crossovers.

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