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New 2022 Volkswagen ID.5 E-SUV: 5 Key Facts

A new electric coupe-SUV, the Volkswagen ID.5, is officially unveiled. The new model will be available to order starting next year. Let us note a number of the ID.5 highlights.

Volkswagen has revealed its latest and one of the most impressive new products to date – the all-electric ID.5 crossover.

1. Design

The Volkswagen ID.5 shares a MEB platform with the ID.4. That is, their length, width and wheelbase are the same. However, the design and the sporty roofline separate the new product from the ID.3 and ID.4, which are quite simple in terms of style.

2. Improved aerodynamics

One of the advantages of the new body style is slightly improved aerodynamics, which raises the vehicle’s maximum range over the ID.4, albeit slightly. The drag coefficient of the ID.5 is 0.26Cd. Some vehicles have a lesser one, but let’s remember the ID.5 is a crossover, not a sports car.

The driving range reaches 323 miles: it’s above average by modern standards.

Volkswagen ID.5 rear image
Volkswagen ID.5

3. Engine

Initially, the regular ID.5 will be offered with a choice of 172 and 201 hp. The battery capacity is 77 kWh. That is, the ID.5 will not have an entry-level variant with a less powerful battery and more affordable than the ID.4.

4. Hot Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

A high-performance Volkswagen ID.5 GTX  is equipped with an additional engine on the front axle to provide a total power of 295 hp, and four-wheel drive. The ID.5 GTX’s range drops to 304 miles, but this version is naturally faster than the regular ID.5.

Externally, the GTX features a more aggressive front bumper, a different lower grille and painted side skirts. There is also another aerodynamic package for the rear, consisting of a larger spoiler and diffuser.

Volkswagen ID.5 GTX image
Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

5. Spacious and practical interior

Since there is no transmission tunnel in the center of the vehicle, the cabin is roomier than the similarly sized Tiguan’s.

Volkswagen ID.5 interior image
Volkswagen ID.5 interior

Interestingly, the ID.5’s trunk is six liters larger than the ID.4’s. Its volume is 549 liters (19.4 cubic feet).

The Volkswagen ID.5 will be available to order in Europe from early 2022. Somewhat later, the model will enter other markets.

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