Never Say Never: Ferrari Develops Its First SUV Called Purosangue

Ferrari officially admits the need for a SUV. It will arrive in 2022 and get a hard-spoken ‘Purosangue’ name (from Italian ‘thoroughbred’), a hybrid V6-based powertrain and four-wheel drive.

With such a name the carmaker wants to prove the new model will become a full-fledged part of the Ferrari range, though before company denied intention to build SUVs.

Nevertheless, the Ferrari Purosangue is a product approved to join the four-year production plan. According to this plan, 15 new models will be developed, 60% of them are hybrids based on a V-shaped six-cylinder engine, including the new crossover.

The Purosangue will be built on a new Mid-Engine Architecture. The V6 engine will be mounted in the front part within the wheelbase, and at the rear there is a gearbox and an electric motor (may be not one). The all-wheel-drive Ferrari SUV will have a new suspension with adjustable ground clearance.

The company promises the new vehicle will be unusual and memorable, different from others. We expect a dynamic coupe-like body. Ferrari has confirmed the car will get four doors. Closer to the premiere we’ll know the details currently unavailable, except for renders which can be seen on the Internet.

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