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Expects Named the 2022 Best Value in America Award Winners

Vincentric has named the 2022 Best Value in America Award winners by determining the vehicles with lower than expected ownership costs given their market segment and price.

Every year, Vincentric makes a cost of ownership analysis at the model level to name the best-value vehicles per segment. For evaluation, editors use 8 factors: fuel, depreciation, maintenance, insurance, fees and taxes, financing, opportunity cost, repairs. Also, they take into consideration annual mileage intervals and insurance profiles.

The 2022 Winner List

Passenger Car: Hyundai Accent (subcompact), Kia Rio (subcompact hatchback), Honda Civic (compact), Toyota Corolla (compact hatchback), Toyota Camry (mid-size), Toyota Avalon (large sedan), Mazda MX-5 Miata, (sports car), Toyota Camry  Hybrid (hybrid), Toyota Prius Prime (EV/PHEV).

Luxury Car: BMW 3 Series (compact), Lexus RC (coupe), Lexus ES (mid-size sedan), Audi A7 (large sedan), Volvo V60 (wagon), Chevrolet Corvette (sports car), BMW Z4 (convertible), Lexus LC Hybrid (hybrid), Tesla Model 3 (EV/PHEV).

SUV & Van: Toyota C-HR (subcompact), Jeep Wrangler (compact), Hyundai Palisade (mid-size), Ford Expedition (large), Toyota Highlander Hybrid (hybrid), Toyota RAV4 Prime (EV/PHEV), Toyota Sienna (minivan).

Luxury SUV: Volvo CX40 (compact), Lexus RX (mid-size), Lincoln Navigator (large), Lexus NX Hybrid (hybrid), Lincoln Corsair Plug-in Hybrid (EV/PHEV).

Truck: Jeep Gladiator (small/mid-size), Ford F-150 (full-size 1/2-ton), Ford F-250 (full-size 3/4-ton), Chevrolet Silverado 3500 (full-size 1-ton).

As we can see, the most models in the list are Toyota Motor’s compared to other manufacturers. In other words, this company leads in offering the best-value vehicles in America.

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