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Musk Tweeted They Begin To Deliver 7-Seater Tesla Model Y In December

Tesla’s CEO confirmed that in November 2020 a three-row Model Y will go into production. Deliveries should start a month after for a $3000 add-on.

The original electric crossover premiered in March 2019. It costs from $51,190, and offers a 315-mile range.

In February 2020, the first vehicles rolled off the production line. In this-year March, Tesla commenced to deliver the Model Y to customers.

We’ve heard of Tesla’s plans to launch the sever-seater version, but till now it was not about the exact timing.

According to Elon Musk, expect initial deliveries in early December 2020. According to Tesla website, the configuration of the $3000 add-on will not be available until next year.

We wonder what kind of seats (size, shape, layout, head- and legroom), the three-row Model Y has. Currently this info is still uncovered.

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