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Most Profitable Used Cars To Date According To Germans

German experts consider the Audi RS6 plus and BMW M5 E39 to be the most profitable used car to date.

Of course, it is not only about reliability and good technical condition of the cars. True, it’s rather difficult to find a vehicle that will rise in price in the future, especially if you plan to use it in your everyday life.

Nevertheless, in the opinion of AutoBild, the Audi RS6 plus and BMW M5 E39 are the best used cars to choose for today, if you want to gain.

Audi RS6 plus

Audi introduced the RS6 plus (pictured above) in 2004. The company released it in limited quantity of 999 units.

The car is available only wagon body styled. A 4.2-liter V8 engine develops 480 hp and allows speeding up to a top limit of 280 km/h. Nevertheless, the car is able to exceed 300 km/h.

The main feature of the Audi RS6 plus is a good combination of high dynamic performance and practicality (large trunk and spacious interior with heated seats).

It is worth inspecting the car carefully when buying: the previous owner did most likely to assess the wagon’s extraordinary potential. A car in good condition will be a good investment, because since 2015 prices for the RS6 plus have increased by almost 40% and now reach an average of €41,000.

BMW M5 E39

Just like Audi, BMW offered its fastest car in a single body style – sedan. A wagon existed as a prototype never put to mass production. The third-generation BMW M5 was introduced in 1997 and was liked for its restrained aggression.

The exterior almost did not hint at the 5.0-liter 400-hp V8, which provided acceleration to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds.

The main goal of the M-Technik engineering department was to create a car both good for racing and a family trip. It has a comfortable five-seat leather-trimmed cabin with a cruise control. The car is owned by more than 20,000 lucky men.

BMW M5 E39

In recent years, the prices for the BMW M5 E39 have raised an average of €10,000 and now reach €30,000.

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