Most Popular Mini Cars In Europe In the First Quarter Of 2019

Most Popular Mini Cars In Europe In the First Quarter Of 2019

Fiat continues to dominate the European mini car segment. Two first places are taken by the models of this brand with a large lead over competitors. Which cars else does the Europe’s TOP 10 include?

The demand for small cars in Europe remains stable, although according to the results of the first quarter of 2019, there was a slight decline (-3%). Fiat remains the leader in this niche for many years, or rather its two models – the Fiat Panda (pictured) and the Fiat 500.

Basically, these cars are bought in Italy, which, by the way, today takes the third place in Europe by new passenger car sales after Germany and the UK. The Panda and the Cinquecento made a significant contribution to this result.

52,410 buyers chose the Fiat Panda in Q1, reports. This is 12% more than a year before. The Fiat 500 will soon change generations. 46,000 men purchased it.

The Toyota Aygo is the third most popular in Europe, but its sales volume is considerably less than Fiat’s city cars: 26,418 sales.

The Volkswagen up!, Renault Twingo, Kia Picanto and the Hyundai i10 go next. The demand for the Picanto grew by 10%. Sales of these 4 models lies around ​​20,000 cars.

Just over 15,000 Europeans opted for the Peugeot 108, Smart Fortwo and the Citroën C1. The demand for Opel / Vauxhall Adam (+34%) and for the Spanish Seat Mii mini car (+28%) increased too.

Besides, the first series Skoda EV has made its debut in May. The Citigo-e iV model is based on an urban small hatchback and has an impressive range of up to 186 miles / 300km.

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