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Most Popular Car Colors: Investigation in America

iSeeCars, that helps shoppers find the best car deals, has published its latest study about preferable car colors in the USA. White, black and grey dominate among consumers’ choices.

To determine the most popular color in each state, metro area and nationally, editors of iSeeCars analyzed over 9.4 million 1-5-year-old vehicles of the 2014 – 2018 model year sold in 2019.

The results turn out to be disappointing, from the one hand, and predictable, from the other hand. The most-frequently bought cars are white, black and grey.

Apparently, Americans are too conservative and practical to afford bright or extraordinary car colors, or dealers offer a meager choice of colors.

America’s Most Popular Car Colors are:

  • White 23.9%
  • Black 23.2%
  • Gray 15.5%
  • Silver 14.5%
  • Red 10.3%
  • Blue 9.0%
  • Brown 1.4%

The rest colors (green, yellow, orange, beige, gold, purple) each account for less than one percent.

As for car color popularity by state, customers prefer a black or a white car. Black vehicles are most in favor in the Northeast and Midwest. Top non-grayscale colors by state are red (in 38 states) and blue (in 12 states).

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