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Most Durable Cars On The Road Today: Our Gallery

Here is our pick of the most durable cars on the road which are able to do 250,000 miles or more right from the factory.

With careful handling, almost any car will last a long time, but of course, there are brands, like Toyota (1), Lexus (2), BMW (3), Mazda (4), and Honda (5) which have ALREADY established themselves as the most reliable. Most people prefer to own a vehicle that will cause minimum trouble and rack up a few hundred thousand miles with minimum maintenance.

When we delved into the topic, we understood that in fact there were not so many cars able to run 200,000+ miles without exhaustive overhauls. They belong to different vehicle classes and price categories. The most popular models are not always the most durable, and sometimes their less notable mates run longer.

Most Durable Toyotas:

Most Durable Hondas:

Honda CR-V 2023
Honda CR-V

Most Durable Fords:

Most Durable Chevrolets:

And Else:

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