Morgan Develops New Model In Style Of Classic Cars From 60s

Around 2025, the new Morgan sports car should enter the market. The model, as the company promises, will be designed in style of classic cars from the 1960s.

This British brand is famous for its retro-styled sports cars. The new model, which arrives in the mid-2020s, will not be an exception, judging by the first teasers..

The next Morgan sports car, the company has been working on, will be made in the style of classic cars of the 1960s, whereas the previous models were inspired by the 30s-40s. The new car will enter the market as a coupe and a convertible.

Unlike the wooden frame in the current models, the upcoming car will receive a box-like frame of aluminum profiles. The motor will remain in front, and the drive will be rear. Instead of the 4.8-liter BMW engines, some new units will be used, including electric motors.

In 2019, the Morgan Motor Company will celebrate its 110th anniversary. On this occasion they will present modernized models of the current generation. The new sports car is claimed to open the next page in the history of the company.

Source: Autocar

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