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Mitsubishi‘s System Lets the Car Power the Home: Expect On Sale In 2019

Mitsubishi’s innovative Dendo Drive House can become reality still this year: the company plans to sell a system that lets automatically share power between the home and an electrified car. It was presented to the public a month ago, at the Geneva Motor Show.

Mitsubishi developed the technology called DDH (Dendo Drive House) allowing the vehicle to power the house. How does it work?

DDH comprises a home battery, solar panels and a bi-directional charger directing energy from/to the home to/from the car depending on which needs the power most. This system supports all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles like the new Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer (pictured above) or existing Outlander.

The advantage of DDH is obvious. Firstly, it opens up a way to off-grid living. Secondly, it can serve as a backup when the power cuts. Thirdly, the system can help save energy in off-peak hours, if a discount is provided by your electricity tariff.

For example, the car could cheaply charge itself nightlong, and then power your AC in the daytime. Certainly, it works only if you do not plan to make any trips during that day.

Mitsubishi will offer both professional installation and maintenance services for Dendo Drive House as a package.

Unlike some other companies which have similar developments (British OVO or American Tesla), Mitsubishi promises its system will be available to buy later this year.

Frankly, it won’t be cheap. The bi-directional charger itself can cost around €10,000 ($11,200), although the company hopes to make it less expensive. Moreover, customers will have to pay for solar panels, home battery and mandatory professional installation.

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