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Mitsubishi Doesn’t Give Up Development Of New Pajero

Mitsubish doesn’t give up the idea to develop a new generation of its popular off-road SUV. It’s about the Mitsubishi Shogun called Pajero in some markets.

It is a long-running heavy-duty 4×4 seven-seater whose development is under discussion for years in the company. Mitsubishi first wants to make sure that the model, which dates back to 1982, by the way, will be profitable.

The current fourth generation arrived in 2006. It seems the replacement has matured. The Japanese carmaker tries to find a balance between the high cost of building and the limited marketing for such vehicles.

So, there is no firm position as for the new Mitsubishi Pajero / Shogun yet. There are several reasons explaining why the company hesitates: uncertain future profitability, strict emissions regulations which affect the segment the Shogun belongs to.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance starts using shared platforms across its brands. It could help in spreading the development costs. But neither Nissan nor Renault currently makes a comparable offroader that would utilize a similar architecture.

Source: Autocar 

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