Mercedes Shows Photos of EQS Interior and Details Design Ahead of Debut

Mercedes Shows Photos of EQS Interior and Details Design Ahead of Debut

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS all-electric sedan will be fully unveiled on April 15, 2021. Ahead of its production launch, the automaker has shown photos of a striking interior.

The EQS stands out with a huge infotainment display spanning the dashboard – the brand’s new Hyperscreen, elegant materials, a choice of “soundscapes” giving auditory feedback to the driver.

The Hyperscreen comprises multiple screens, which enable the intuitive arrangement of entertainment and cabin controls. When not in use, the Hyperscreen displays various ambient backgrounds. The center console delicately floats between the driver and passenger seats.

For the versions without the Hyperscreen, there is a more traditional floating vertically oriented display – the same is in the new S-Class. The dash in those cars represents a variety of designs and finishes made in wood, metal, other materials.

The EQS has a very specific feature: it can make different sounds during a move. The Mercedes-Benz team synthesized those sounds. They vary from mellow everyday comfort to aggressive, instigating noises.

The available modes include soft and elegant Silver Waves, electronica-inspired Vivid Flux, Roaring Pulse strongly associated with powerful machines.

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