Mercedes-Benz Official debuts

Mercedes Makes a Livestream Reveal of 2021 S-Class On July 8

Afore a world premiere in September, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be previewed on Wednesday on the Mercedes me media online platform.

A livestream will start on July 8 at 11:30 a.m. CEST / 5:30 a.m EDT.

Meanwhile, the automaker has release a teaser that shows a front facia and a MBUX infotainment system.

Mercedes simplifies the dashboard, where a touchscreen takes a central place and swallows most functions.

There will be an all-digital instrument cluster and an advanced head-up display, likely supporting augmented reality for the navigation system.

It is already known the next-generation S-Class adopts a new platform, rear-wheel steering, a Level 3 autonomy followed by a Level 4.

It will offer wheelbase choices (standard, long, extra-long) and, importantly, a V12 option will all-wheel drive for the first time.

6- and 8-cylinders will operate as parts of a mild-hybrid powertrain. 4-cylinder engines will be on offer on some markers.

Currently, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is priced between $94,250-235,600. It is an excellent vehicle that tops the Super Luxury Cars rankings.

Amid many advantages, it’s almost impossible to find flaws, but there are few: relatively small trunks of a coupe and a convertible, and an overly involved infotainment system (it’s about the 2020 model).

And the price, of course, is not what can please, – not everyone is able to pay $100,000 and more for a car.

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