Mercedes Ends Production of X-Class in May

Mercedes-Benz X-Class image

Later this month, Mercedes-Benz will end production of the Nissan Navara-based X-Class pickup at the factory in Barcelona, Spain.

The company is cutting costs at the expense of this model. The manufacturer regularly checked its global portfolio and concluded it could sacrifice the X-Class. It is too expensive (from €48,790 in Germany) to withstand competition with less pricey rivals in the crowded pickup market.

Launched in late 2017, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class was sold in only 16,700 units during its first full year on sale. The subsequent years were also unsuccessful in terms of sales.

This premium pickup/ute has remained a niche model, just for several markets, such as South Africa and Australia. Besides, according to Daimler, “the price expectations of the Latin American customers have not been economically viable”.

Well, the X-Class is leaving, but if there will be a vehicle to replace it?

Renderings from the Instagram page show a Mercedes-Benz G-Class-based pickup truck. It looks fine, and we like it, although today it seems doubtful such a vehicle will ever arrive.

At least we can dream up…

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