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Mercedes-Benz GLC And Cadillac XT5 Have Become The Leaders Of The American Premium Mid-Size SUV Segment

The Mercedes-Benz GLC and Cadillac XT5 have become the leaders of the premium mid-size SUV segment in the market of the USA. For now this segment is the largest, youngest, and most growing among premium SUVs, taking into account that most models in the list have debuted or have been refreshed in the past 2 years.

Sales grew by almost 21% to 254,723 units for 6 months of 2018, and increased by 25% in Q2’18.

Mercedes-Benz GLC (pictured above) demonstrated a considerable growth: +75% in the second quarter, +78% in Q1-Q2, overtaking the Cadillac XT5.

Compared to the rest of the segment, the models ranked from 2 to 4 had insignificant raise in the second quarter, although the new Audi Q5 was able to outsell the Lexus NX and took the 3rd place.

Cadillac XT5

Audi Q5

Lexus NX

Acura RDX

The new Acura RDX and BMW X3 went on sale in the second quarter, the RDX even was able to outsell the Audi Q5 and Lexus NX, and the X3 came close in Q2, but not in half-year 2018 ranking.


The new Volvo XC60 continued rising, its sales grew by over 60% in the second quarter and strengthened the model’s position in the TOP 10 ranking.

Volvo XC60

Porsche Macan

See the overall TOP 10  below:

  1. Mercedes-Benz GLC – 35,145 sales, +78%
  2. Cadillac XT5 – 32,724 sales, +9%;
  3. Audi Q5 – 28,951 sales, +12%;
  4. Lexus NX – 28,672 sales, +10%;
  5. Acura RDX – 27,322 sales, +8%;
  6. BMW X3 – 24,750 sales, +2%;
  7. Volvo XC60 – 14,790 sales, +64%;
  8. Lincoln MKC – 12,289 sales, -9%;
  9. Porsche Macan – 11,650 sales, +10%
  10. Infiniti QX50 – 9,066 sales, +14%.

Lincoln MKC

Infiniti QX50

Source: Carsalesbase

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